We started with the aim to present and use our 25 years of experience and knowledge in the meeting industry to our clients globally. With Turkey's increasing market share and position in the sector in recent years, Turkey has welcomed many important international meetings and congresses. Together with our suppliers in different countries, we have started to offer high quality services internationally.

For the Associatons we have been collaborating with in the past we are now  able to provide the highest level of services in all possible destinations abroad. The high standard and quality of the outcome has become a trademark of Figur International and has lead to the success of our meetings and satisfaction of our clients.

Implementing Turkey's hospitality on international platform has lead to great success. We provide services all over the World, from Europe to the Far East, from Nordic countries to  Arab countries and using our experience and multinational team our service network has grown immensely and  our service quality has reached an extraordinary level.