Universal Postal Union Congress - UPU

At the congress held in Istanbul on September 19 - October 07, 2016, we hosted more than 60 Guest Ministers and over 2,500 high-level participants from 192 United Nations member countries.


26th Universal Postal Union Congress - UPU 2016

Location: Hilton Bomonti Hotel + Ciragan Palace
Number of Persons: 2.500+ pax
Date: 19 September - 07 October 2016

The opening ceremony was attended by our Prime Minister, and the Ministerial Conference was held with the participation of more than 60 Guest Ministers, hosted by our Minister of Transport. The Gala Dinner of the Congress was held in Çırağan Palace.

The 26th Universal Postal Union Congress made its name in history as the "first paperless (digital) congress" with the feature that all kinds of documents, information and program follow-ups are made through digital media and therefore no paper is used in any way.